Bring your brand to real life. Create hypertargeted brand experiences through a network of trusted everyday businesses and events.
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Brands choose
How they want to activate
From gift-sampling to passive counter displays, choose the activation type that's right for your brand.
Where they want to activate
Australia wide, or Bondi only. Choose to activate near retailers and track sales growth, or intro your brand to a totally new territory.
Who they want to activate
Use your own brand team, or have our activation partners run activations on your behalf to easily scale your campaign city, state or country-wide.
Have your food item featured "On the menu" at a busy cafe, offer a product sample through popular yoga studios, or even reach new mums by including a discount coupon in take-home bags at childcare centres. The options are endless.
Through our network of activation partners, you can connect with your target customers by integrating with the spaces and places they visit, every day.
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Why Bondi Sands chose to activate with Brandcrush
Targeting summer-loving beach and pool goers across six key locations
The activation was really well received by our customers. Perfect for Bondi's hot summer sun.
The Bucket List, Bondi Beach
Right place, right time
With peak-season fast approaching, Bondi Sands needed a channel to get their new range of sun-care product onto people’s skin in the perfect contextual setting.
Go beyond basic demographics to increase conversion and improve your cost-per-reach. Hypertargeting allows you to zero in on your ideal customer by a range of consumer behaviour and interest factors.
Our activation partners care about their customers as much as you do. Align with like minded businesses for clever collaborations and enjoy a win-win.
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See how brands are engaging and inspiring customers through Brandcrush's network of activation partners.
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