Clever campaign hits the bull’s eye
Contextual sampling activation reaches thousands of customers and secures a potential nationwide ranging opportunity for Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce
Avg. CPR
$0.66 AUD
physical reach
The Whiskey Glaze was fabulous on both my beef and chicken. The kids loved the Original! They will be on the table at my next BBQ. Can't wait to try them all.
Clancy James Butchers
We and our customers were both very pleased with the way they looked on display, and our customers were very excited when they found out they got a whole bottle for themselves! Tangy Tomato was most popular with Sweet Whiskey next, as people were keen to try this new/interesting flavour!
Piero’s Meat Supply
Customers loved the Bull’s-Eye product. When placed in the condiments section, customers were choosing this over the regular sauces displayed! When handing out free samples customers took a few moments to click as it was almost ‘too good to be true’.
Ribs N Burgers

Part of Kraft Heinz’s global food family, Bull’s-Eye BBQ Sauce has been taking classic American BBQ sauce to the next level since 1985 with full-bodied, smokey sauces that are perfect for any meat. Now, the product was ready to hit shelves down-under, with four great flavours — Original BBQ, Sweet Whiskey, Smokey Bacon, Tangy Tomato — rolling out in both Coles and Woolworths supermarkets across the country.

Despite their longstanding success in the States, Bull’s-Eye knew they would need to win over a whole new consumer base in Australia. Launching their product into a highly competitive category, with educated consumers tending to prefer niche products, presented unique challenges. They were keen to spread the word about their smokey sauces, encourage product trial, and to build a relationship with their target audience of discerning meat-lovers.

Hugo Gates, Marketing Brand Manager for The Kraft Heinz Company, explains:

"As a new brand to Australian consumers Bull’s-Eye’s key objective was to raise awareness and trial. The BBQ Sauce category is very saturated in Australia with educated consumers preferring products from niche or premium brands.

To ensure meaningful trial Bull’s-Eye wanted consumers to experience authentic American BBQ flavour in a real BBQ environment. It was important Bull’s-Eye was sampled by consumers with meat to give them an authentic experience with how the product was designed, to make authentic American BBQ flavour easy to replicate at home.”

Through Brandcrush, Bull’s-Eye was able to find a unique way to reach their meat-loving consumers – by offering samples of their product through premium hospitality and butcher locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The brand selected 31 locations for its gift-sampling campaign. Staff at each space actively gave out full-sized 330ml sample bottle of the Sauce, and also set up self-serve product displays accompanied by a strut card that the brand had provided.

The activation was a huge success. For a cost-per-reach of just $0.66, Bull’s-Eye reached more than 17,400 potential new customers, building brand awareness and driving interest for the instore product.

“We used Brandcrush to collaborate with restaurants and butchers across Australia, the booking process was seamless and we received real-time photos and feedback via the platform," said Hugh.

And, In a perfect example of the power of product trial, the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback on the product led to Bull’s-Eye securing an ongoing ranging opportunity with the popular national restaurant chain, Ribs & Burgers.