A workout proof mascara? No sweat.
A no-brainer collaboration between Covergirl and health clubs across Australia
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Great mascara! All the clients loved it. Perfect that it is smudge-proof and easy to apply - it lasts for the entire workout AND rest of the day!
Trainer, Xtend Barre Dee Why
Mascara is light and easy to use, not clumpy at all. Perfect for exercising in after wearing all day at work. No smudging. Light feeling and I like simple black colour. It was a good natural look.
Xtend Barre Newstead
Only positive feedback. Everyone was very happy to receive the sample. And since then, have come back with great feedback about the mascara not running or dropping throughout their day!
Ihana Yoga

While CoverGirl may need little introduction in the cosmetics world, their latest product — Outlast Active Sweat & Smudge-proof Mascara — was targetting a specific user group that the brand needed to tap into: fit, health and wellness-oriented young women.

Many people don’t know that CoverGirl products are cruelty-free. The brand knew that this would be an important factor to their target demographic, and wanted this message communicated through their product promotion.

Through Brandcrush’s network of premium businesses, the brand booked a sampling campaign through a 36 health and wellness clubs, including Xtend Barre, Bodhi & Ride, and yoga studios across Australia.

The activations were a huge success, with customers happy not only with the quality of the product but the fact that they were given a full-sized product to sample. By aligning with businesses that already had an established relationship with their target customers the brand was able to leverage trust and build a positive brand association.