Showcasing Craisins through popular meal kits
Driving product trial in customer’s homes through recipe integration
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The Craisins recipes were picked on average 2.53% each week they were on the menu, with a skew more to couples than families.
The pork steaks recipe was very popular with families.
The average dish rating per recipe featuring Craisins was 4.26, compared to the average of 4.15.
Marley Spoon
The on-the-menu activation was so successful that the culinary team have decided to incorporate Craisins into a number of recipes on an ongoing basis.
Marley Spoon

Starting with just three independent farmers in 1930, Ocean Spray has since grown to become a cooperative of more than 700 farmers across the US, all passionately growing and harvesting healthy, wholesome cranberries.

The brand approached Brandcrush with a clear set of objectives: to demonstrate the versatility of Craisins (dried cranberries packing a sweet and delicious punch of fibre and fruit), drive trial by new customers, and encourage future purchase consideration. What better way to achieve this than partnering with popular meal kits Marley Spoon and Dinnerly for a unique On the Menu activation?

By incorporating their Craisens into a range of recipes, Marley Spoon and Dinnerly provided a powerful opportunity for Ocean Spray to get their product into the kitchens of a loyal, established customer base. Each meal kit brand had their expert chefs develop four unique and delicious recipes featuring Craisins.

Marley Spoon is a premium direct-to-consumer food delivery service which targets middle-to-higher income consumers 25-54 with premium quality meals and ingredients. With a selection of recipes to suit any dietary requirements or preferences, it was a great way to show how Craisins can elevate a meal.

Dinnerly is the crowd-pleaser of the food box landscape. Offering broad-appeal & family-friendly recipes, Craisins were able to add a twist to the more classic dishes.

Reaching thousands of consumers in their homes and sampling 200,000 units in total, the activation delivered cut-through with Ocean Sprays’ target market and allowed the brand to showcase the versatility of Craisens in a real-life setting. The recipes were all received very well by consumers too, with some even becoming a permanent feature on the rotation.