Surprise samples of hard seltzer go down a treat
Good Tides reaches holiday makers through popular accommodation spaces and food delivery networks.
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$0.68 AUD
physical reach
The general consensus from our guests is the product is a wonderful BYO drink and they would most certainly consider buying it in the future. We had a significant demand of guests returning for more sample stock if it was available.
Rhapsody Resort
There was absolutely no negative feedback whatsoever, our guests were so excited to try something new. The difference in the flavours was attractive to our guests. One ladies response was “the best summer drink ever”.
Byron Bay Beachfront Apartments
Our guests loved the product. It wasn't overly sweet like some mixers and was super refreshing, especially when adding additional condiments e.g. limes/lemons.
Byron Oasis Apartment Treetops

Good Tides is a new “hard seltzer” (alcoholic sparkling water) product from Asahi. As guilt-free as vodka soda, the beverage offers just the right amount of flavour with zero sugar and premium Vodka O vodka. Inspired by the purity of the Australian cost and refreshing waves, Good Tides is designed to appeal to all, and did exactly that by driving trial through Brandcrush’s network of accommodation and food delivery partners.

Through their hypertargeted sampling campaign, Good Tides was able to target guests at popular accommodation spaces across VIC, NSW, QLD and the ACT, as well as food chain networks across the eastern seaboard.

The brand provided free samples of two flavours of the premium product (Lemon+Lime and Raspberry). The samples were placed in the rooms of accommodation spaces, ready for guests to consume as a gift upon arrival. Samples were also given to food delivery and pick-up providers, who placed them into the delivery bags of Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Menulog for selected orders, where guests were treated with one of two flavours of the hard-seltzer.

The response to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive. Good Tides reached more than 5,000 happy consumers and built a lasting positive association with their targeted demographic.