A very sweet success
Reaching more than 160,000 people through established high-traffic businesses
Avg. CPR
$0.48 AUD
physical reach
The feedback received has been very positive, particularly around packaging, flavour and company ethos.
Desk Space
We had a customer venture beyond the sample to purchase a salted caramel block !! We only had a few people recognise The brand and said they had spotted it for a promo sale in the supermarket recently.
Stefani’s Cafe
We were surprised to hear that 70% of our customer knew about the brand and the fair-trade side of the business, very positive view about the business. Great taste and overall great feedback!
IMA Project Cafe
I had quite a few customers comment on how they've seen Green & Black's before, either at Coles or elsewhere - typically coupled with a "it's great" or something similar.
Camberwell Wine Cellars

Green & Black's, a British confectionery brand within the Mondelez family, were about to launch their new range of ethical and indulgent chocolates here in Australia.

To support this launch, the brand hoped to get some buzz around their brand and products. They decided to book a large yet targeted sampling campaign that would not only bring their products into contact with new customers but could also provide them with valuable insights around their brand recognition and positioning within the Australian market.

Through Brandcrush, Green & Black’s engaged with nearly 90 targeted businesses, including co-working spaces, cafes, bottle shops and hotels. Free samples of the chocolates were supplied to the venues to give out to their customers as a “gift with purchase”, along with key brand info for staff.

The campaign was a huge success, achieving not only an incredible reach of 162,000 people but also providing a wealth of detailed, real-world insights about both the brand and products via customer feedback.