John West reaches non-dairy milk drinkers through targeted cafe sampling
Cafe go-ers were reminded to consume more calcium after being given a free protein + calcium Tuna
Avg. CPR
$0.39 AUD
physical reach
Great activation with lots of interest from our guests! Staff have reported being asked whether guests can have another sample to taste, which is a great sign! Also reported excellent customer reaction on the take away coffee cart outside with people taking a sample with their alternative milk coffee order and also talking about the product with their colleagues.
The Kettle Black
Fantastic activation with significant interest especially from our regular take away coffee trade. Lots of interest from guests asking about the product and very eager to try it. Extremely positive feedback from all guests who loved the brand.
Dundas and Fausset
Customers and staff tried and they said it’s really good. Taste is simply amazing. Also goes really well with rocket salad.
The Nine cafe
Customer feedback was fairly positive, most thought it was a good idea, the only thing was a few customers didn’t want to think about tuna first thing in the morning. We ran it over 3 days . We made some salads each day as well to compliment the tuna too such as Niçoise salad to enhance the product.
The Food store Kew

Popular tinned tuna brand, John West were excited to drive awareness and trial for their new Protein+Calcium Rich Tuna, which offers an impressive 100% of the recommended daily calcium intake in every tin. The brand wanted to run a sampling campaign with cafes, prompting customers to think about whether they’re getting enough calcium within their day.

With many consumers switching to a non-dairy milk for their daily cup of joe, therefore missing out on their usual calcium intake, Liquid Ideas (John West’s agency) thought it’d be a good idea to tap into this growing consumer trend by engaging with dairy-free consumers at their favourite coffee spots.

For the launch of John Wests’ world first Protein+Calcium Rich Tuna, sampling partners were required to distribute one free can to each customer, with a particular focus on those who were ordering non-dairy milk drinks to encourage the idea of calcium consumption.

Through hyper targeted sampling, John West was able to build and execute a campaign where they reached a total of 8,520 cafe goers across 19 booked spaces at an average CPR of just $0.39.