Real-world wins in this sceptical consumer age
Seeing (and tasting) is believing for this new healthy snack sensation
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This product is awesome, our members loved the taste and thought the packaging was on point too! This is perfect for a post-workout treat or pre-workout snack.
Chapel Fitness
Customers loved the concept. May have been good to have the protein, fat and carb break down on the outer sleeve packet so customers knew how healthy it was.
Team Players
Received very well, members loving them and they were flying out the door. Some said it tasted a little chalky (these people didn't realise it had whey in it). But it is a delicious snack with the added bonus of protein.
ION Training

Healthy food brand Optimum Nutrition wanted to share their latest product innovation — an exciting snack that delivers on taste while also being good for you.

With crunchy nuts, high-protein/low sugar chocolate, and local manufacturing, Optimum Nutrition's Choc Coated Protein Nuts offer a healthy snack while tasting like a completely decadent indulgence.

Sounds too good to be true? This is where experiential tactics offer unbeatable results. Through Brandcrush, Optimum Nutrition booked their brand experience into 33 targeted locations including gyms, wellness studios, barbershops and cafes.

Branded displays showcasing the product drew the intrigue of customers. Staff at each location were primed with samples and key info on the products. The end result was a fun, engaging activation that brought Optimum Nutrition front-and-centre with new customers, and converted countless sceptics by letting people try the product for themselves.