A match made in heaven
Pairing premium chocolates with wine is a sweet success for Pana Organic
Avg. CPR
$0.73 AUD
physical reach
Very good feedback, about 50:50 people who had already heard of the product, and the rest not. The people who had already heard of it were thrilled to get some for free! The perception seems to be that it is a top-shelf, high-quality product. Pretty much all positive feedback. The 15% off vouchers were given out to every customer.
Brighton Bay Cellars
Everyone was really pleased to receive something from a brand they for the most part knew. It paired well with both our products and customer base.
Williamstown Fine Wines
Overall, every customer who was in the store this Friday was extremely excited to receive a sample of the Ganache chocolate… As for brand awareness, many of our customers were already really familiar with the brand. They were aware that it is dairy-free and some mentioned they love the ice cream from PANA as well. Thank you for working with us, we would love to work with you again!
Northcote Bottleshop
Brand recognition among our Australian customers was very high, and many expressed that they knew Pana Chocolates but had not yet tried the Ganache, so it was great to be able to introduce them to this new product… Everybody loved the natural ingredients and no added sugars. This actually changed the minds of some customers who initially didn't want to try the chocolate, so that was a real win there.
Bottle House South Yarra

Pana Organic is a luxury chocolate brand founded in Melbourne. Already somewhat of a legend amongst “healthy” chocolate fans, Pana Organic offers vegan chocolate that’s full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, is without preservatives, soy or gluten, and is refined sugar-free.

Now, the brand had a new product available for purchase through independent grocers nationwide — Pana Organic Ganache, in three great flavours: Dark Maple Chocolate, Orange Pistachio & Quinoa, and Raspberry & Almond.

Looking for a clever way to reach their target consumer, Pana Organic saw an opportunity to connect their decadent delight with another popular treat: wine. Through Brandcrush, they were able to develop a campaign that had their chocolates paired with wine and sampled by wine lovers, hosted by premium bottle shops across Victoria.

Tapping into Brandcrush’s established network of premium businesses, Pana Organic booked their gift sampling activation into four unique bottle shop locations. Their key objectives were to build brand awareness and drive interest in their exclusive new chocolate range.

The Ganache samples and online vouchers were placed on the countertops of the bottle shops and gifted with each purchase for customers to enjoy. Staff at each space actively gave out a full-sized sample of the Ganache, and also set up self-serve tasting product displays accompanied by a strut card and 15% off online voucher that the brand had provided.

The activation was a huge success. For a cost-per-reach of just $0.73, Pana Organic reached more than 1,450 potential new customers, all of whom loved the fun concept of pairing a delicious chocolate sample with their wine. The campaign also gave the brand invaluable feedback directly from consumers, with each sampling location providing a detailed Activation Report complete with plenty of fun images for use on social media.