Sparkling wine in a can
Sharing the celebration with co-workers and holidaymakers
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The majority of our guests really liked the sparkling wine. Some were not sure about a "can" of wine but once they tried it thought they were a great idea especially if sold at an event where there is no glass
Gold Coast Holiday Homes
Guests were having a great time enjoying the drinks at the end of the year. Many of our guests had never heard or had tried this product in the past
Kozy Guru - Sydney
Sonder was a huge hit at Desk Space! The members enjoyed the flavour, "light flavour, not too sweet" and "sparkling is perfect in summer". They also said it would be great to take out to summer events. Easy to transport and keep chilled.
Desk Space
Perfect for a Friday afternoon drink in the sun!
Desk Space
Everyone tried it and loved the product!!! They thought the cans looked good and were very impressed with the taste. They all said they would definitely consider going out and buying some!!
Such a great afternoon with awesome feedback on the product! Guests were excited to be trying a brand new product - very visually appealing and so tasty.
Nous House Brisbane

Sonder Wine Co is a US brand already well known for its innovative wine-in-a-can products. The brand were now looking to introduce two new sparkling wine products to the Australian market: Sparkling Pinot Gris and Sparkling Rose.

These new sparkling wine products presented a gap in the market for Sonder, with nothing really like it on the shelves here in Australia. The brand wanted to take advantage of this point of difference and create awareness for the product, driving purchase through their chosen retailer, BoozeBud. They also wanted to gain insight into the consumer reaction to their product to help inform marketing strategies.

Sonder set out to create a sampling campaign that would get full-sized versions of their sparking cans of wine into the hands of their target market: young social holidaymakers and creative co-workers. They used Brandcrush to book activation spaces in a number of accommodation spots during the popular Christmas and New Years Eve period to engage with revellers. They also provided samples of their product to co-working spaces as a freebie to give out on Friday night drinks, engaging the brand with a fun social event.

In total, 18 co-working spaces and five popular accommodation sites in NSW and QLD participated in the sampling campaign. Along with the product, guests were given brand and product info via a flyer. Those sampling the wine were encouraged to share their feedback online via a QR code, with a competition element included, incentivising response.