A refreshing new chew
Reaching 4,000 potential customers with a new version of their favourite freshmint
Avg. CPR
$0.71 AUD
physical reach
Everyone loved the flavours and thought that the cool tropical and watermelon were interesting (in a good way) Loved that they are sugar-free and that the flavour lasts (even after chewing for a while).
Chapel St Fitness
People loved that Tic Tac had finally released gum!
United Ride, Spin Gym
“So refreshing”
“It's really long lasting”
“Love the watermelon flavour it will definitely be my dessert at night time”
“Great packaging to keep in your bag”
“You need 3-4 tic tacs at a time to make it worthwhile”
Consumer feedback

Global fresh breath hero Tic Tac has recently released an exciting new product. With its delicious flavours, convenient and well-known package, and its iconic shape and size…it's everything we already love about the tiny freshmints, but now available in a chewing gum!

Recognising a particular fit with consumers looking to freshen-up after a workout or healthy meal, the sugar-free gum was a no brainer for a sampling activation campaign through gyms, fitness studios and cafes. Through Brandcush, Tic Tac booked 21 activation spaces across Melbourne and Sydney targeting healthy fitster and urban lunch-goers.

The campaign smashed it’s two key targets for distribution and interactions while delivering a cost-per-reach of just 71c, as opposed to the budgeted $1.80 — a massive 60% savings. It also introduced the chewy freshness to a key market of potential customers, receiving plenty of positive feedback and amplification through social media posts.