Breakfast of champs
Uncle Toby’s gives Sydneysiders a supercharged start to their day
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Our members really enjoyed the free sachet and said the oats were delicious and filling.
Xtend Barre
Customers really liked the oats. A lot of our clients added them to shakes or mixed with Yoghurt.
Oxford Performance Center
Our members absolutely loved it! Especially with this cooler weather coming through, members discussed with staff how it was a nice and warm breakfast option. Members reported they liked the different of taste, instead of the normal 'plain' taste. The added protein powder went down a treat!
Hiscoes Gym

Iconic Australian cereal brand, Uncle Toby’s, were launching a new product, the Super Blends breakfast range. With a wholesome blend of oats with vitamins, minerals and added protein, Super Blends provides low-GI energy-boosting nutrition to help people power through their morning and keep going for longer.

Through Brandcrush, Uncle Toby’s booked a sampling activation targeting their ideal audience of healthy morning workout-ers. They collaborated with 17 gyms and fitness studios across NSW, including Xtend Barre, Bodhi&Ride, yoga studios and boxing gyms, supplying sachets of their just-add-water breakfast blends which were handed out by staff and instructors at each place.

The campaign was a huge success. By working with established businesses, Uncle Toby’s were able to leverage the existing relationships between gyms and their members, enticing people to try something new that they might otherwise just skim past on a supermarket shelf. And it was a big “win” for the customers too, with both staff and members at gyms loving the flavour, convenience and health benefits of the new breakfast oats.