Millenial women go WILD for a new wellness lifestyle magazine
Exciting new publication connects with its target market via hyper-targeted sampling activation.
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Everyone commented on the quality of the magazine. The look and feel drew people in.
Westpac Wellness Centre, Barangaroo
We had clients have conversations with their friends about certain articles whilst waiting for their appointments and everyone seemed impressed with the topics included within the issue and how they were written.
Westpac Wellness Centre, Barangaroo
Clients were excited to have a whole magazine to try and were interested in the new brand :) Clients flicked through and immediately commented on the relevance of certain articles, especially in relation to anxiety and the feature on myofascial release!
Core Candy Chapel Street
Looks like a great magazine and we would be interested in putting future editions in our waiting room. Please contact us in regards to this. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on this activation!
Core Candy Chapel Street
Great front cover in terms of design and aesthetics, it would be nice to display at home/office. Good topics covered - relatable and interesting!
The Commons, South Melbourne
Love the variety of content from articles, to fashion, to DIY skin recipes, healthy food recipes - it’s got a bit of everything in there!.... Overall great response. No one had yet heard of the magazine and were very interested to get a copy.
WOTSO, Sunshine Coast
Our members were extremely appreciative and excited to receive the first issue of WILD. Their first initial reaction was that they felt the front cover art was 'calming', and the topics were interesting and not exactly spoken about in mainstream media. The colours and design were aesthetically pleasing and it was noted that it would be a lovely magazine to have on a coffee table.
Altitude Coworking

WellBeing WILD is a fresh new health and lifestyle magazine from the Wellbeing team at Universal Media Co. The younger sister of WellBeing magazine, WILD is a journal for positive living. The magazine speaks to its audience with honesty and intention, tackling difficult topics like living with anxiety, working from home and gender expression – mixed up with travel, style and a bit of fun.

With the new publication set to hit the shelves here in Australia, the WILD team were looking to boost awareness ahead of the launch and get their first issue into the hands of their target market of wellness-focused millennial women.

Using Brandcrush’s end-to-end booking platform, WILD booked a counter-top sampling activation campaign into 53 health and wellness centres, coworking spaces and AirBnBs across NSW, QLD and VIC.

Each space received 10 copies of the magazine which were placed on coffee tables, reception desks and in waiting rooms and lunch areas. Customers and members at each location were invited to read the magazine and provide their feedback on the design, content and general appeal.

The campaign reached more than 6,000 potential new readers of the magazine. Feedback from consumers was overwhelmingly positive, with people really appreciating the topics covered and the opportunity to discover the new magazine. Staff at the locations also loved the activation, commenting that the magazine was aesthetically pleasing and made a great addition to their space.

The WILD team were thrilled with the feedback they received from consumers, and also loved the social media amplification from consumers posting pics of the mag. Each space also included amazing, insta-worthy pics in their campaign reports, which meant the brand had a wealth of great content for their own channels.